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The Rosy Glams Guide To Cosy Winter Dressing


There’s a hint of spring in the air and I am HERE FOR IT. But that doesn’t mean that we’re out of the woods just yet when it comes to chilly days. Don’t be fooled by that beautiful beaming sun, because sometimes all it takes is a frosty morning or a gusty day to leave you the level of permanently cold that will only be rectified by a steaming bath later on. So here are four categories to help with that because cosy dressing doesn’t mean you need to be so wrapped up that you loose all sense of style, it just means you have to be a little more strategic with your layering. So here’s what I’d dust off for the next month or two, or look to invest in…



I wear some sort of base layer every single day – it’s cold it in this house! If it’s more of a WFH day then I’ll go for something thinner like the Chantelle Soft Stretch Vest* which just gives me an extra layer between bare skin and a knit, or if I’m a bit more out and about and fancy a sleeve then I’ll reach one of the tops from the BASERANGE Ribbed Jersey Set*. The latter are fab because they are chic enough to be out on display if you end up boiling and need to take your jumper off. They are reversible too, with one side offering a smooth look, and the other showing exposed seams for a nice twist on a basic. If I know it’s going to be *freezing*, then I’ll stick on a Uniqlo Thermal Top*; the scoop-necks are a good option if you’re looking for a base layer that accommodates a slightly lower neckline over the top, but the turtleneck provides next level warmth. These ARKET Long Sleeved Merino Tops* look like a great option too – perfect to wear on their own for spring, but to layer for now. The styling of the brown one on the website?! YES PLEASE.



It’s not the catchiest of titles for a category, but these days I am very much on the side of my Mum who always critiqued my jackets for not being winter-appropriate and you know what – she was right! Gone are my days of walking to a club in a leather jacket in the snow because the taxis weren’t running. Utter madness! My three most worn super toasty coats of the season are probably my Raey Oversized Wool Coat*, ARKET Belted Wool Coat* and ARKET Down Puffer Jacket* which gets dusted off winter after winter. This & Other Stories Relaxed Belted Wool Coat* looks like the neutral dupe for the ARKET one and this H&M Down Jacket* is a great dupe for my ARKET puffer. I mean things don’t get warmer than a teddy coat and this one from H&M* looks absolutely lush, and the colour makes it a little less full-on than others I’ve seen, or if it’s something classic that you’re after then this H&M Oversized Wool-Blend Coat* feels like it would be a classic in your wardrobe for years to come.



I own just two scarves – an Acne Studios Black Cashmere Scarf* that I’ve had for about four years and somehow managed not to loose (THANK GAWD!), and the newer purchase of an Acne Studios Wool-Blend Tan Scarf* just to mix things up a bit (and although the latter is nice I think there are better options out there – this one runs a little thin). If I’m honest I think there is room for one more in my wardrobe – something a little longer and fluffier and statement – like this H&M Fluffy Wool Blend Scarf*, or this MANGO Fringed Edge Wool-Blend Scarf*. The & Other Stories Fringed Wool Blanket Scarves*, look like a great dupe for the Acne Studios ones are are less than half the price, or if you fancy changing it up then I love the look of these ARKET Cashmere Snoods* – SO DARN CHIC.



I just LOVE a beanie hat these days. Not only because of their amazing ‘greasy hair cover-up powers‘, but they really do keep you quite boiling and sometimes you need that in your life. My preferred choice are the Yan Tan Beanies, made from 100% British wool in the U.K and founded by my lovely friend Jules. In fact I have to hide them from Mark because otherwise he borrows steals them. They are the perfect fit – not too pointy, but pointy enough, you know? I also love the ARKET* ones and find them to be nice and cosy and comfortable. The H&M Rib-Knit Cashmere Hat* looks so soft and like it would be itch-free and this & Other Stories Fuzzy Mohair Beanie* is a cute take on two-tone. On the pricier end of the spectrum I love the Acne Studios Pansy N Face Beanies* and the GANNI Recycled Wool Blend Beanie*.