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LOS ANGELES — Even though British starlet Victoria Sunshine is still new to professional porn performing, she knows her way around a BDSM dungeon.

She worked at a well-known place in London, where she was a domme for about nine months prior to coming to L.A. in April 2018—to pursue her music career.

“That kind of gave me a good foundation,” Sunshine says. “It was a really good experience that I’m applying to everything now. I had never done camming or OnlyFans until I started in February.”

Sunshine considered doing porn for about five months before she began contacting agencies “to make sure I was mentally and physically ready and prepared.”

“So I could fully give myself to it,” she tells AVN.

It’s safe to say Sunshine has gone all in.

Now signed with Nexxxt Level Talent, Victoria at the time of this interview in July had done about 10 to 15 scenes with dozens more on the way this fall as she makes the rounds through Porn Valley.

“It’s been really great,” Victoria tells AVN. “It’s getting easier and easier every time I go on set. I see familiar faces and it’s been very productive… I’m happy all the time, I love shooting.”


Sunshine’s credits so far include scenes for New Sensations, BackRoomCastingCouch, FantasyMassage, PervCity, HotMILFSFuck, AllAnal, CherryPimps and BlowPass, among others.

It’s a strong start for Sunshine, who says she first had sex at 19 and then the floodgates opened.

“From there I was really down to try a lot of things,” Victoria admits. “I enjoyed it from the beginning.”

She wasn’t kidding.

A self-proclaimed “anal princess,” Victoria already managed to squeeze in butt sex with the notorious Dredd for their OnlyFans content.

“My agency kindly put my name forward,” she says. “They believed in me. I believed in me, Dredd believed in me. It was definitely the largest member I’ve experienced. And I would definitely go back.”

Indeed, Sunshine loves a challenge—she once did a blowbang, gangbang and an anal scene for CreampieGangbang all on the same day.

“I swallowed a lot of jizz that day,” Victoria says with a laugh.


Sunshine does not limit her fun to guys—she loves getting nasty with girls, too, pointing to the “queer wrestling shoot” she did with Charlie Valentine.

“That one was really fun. I got to dominate her and we got to ad lib. We were bullies,” Victoria recalls. “She and I also got to do fisting. I’m a huge fan of fisting.

“I’ve done vaginal fisting and I’ve done anal fisting in my personal life. I just love extreme.”

Victoria also has performed for Nuru Massage.

“I hadn’t really heard of that,” she says. “You had to use your body as a massage tool. That was great. I was trying to hold onto the mattress, feeling skin against skin using my body in a way I haven’t used it before.”

Sunshine tells AVN that everything she’s done so far “had some element that has taught me something about myself, my sexual prowess or how I am on camera.”

“With every shoot I’m getting more and more in my groove,” Victoria continues. “I like challenging myself. I have a sense of adventure. I just want to experience as many things as I can in this lifetime. I’m super into BDSM and kink and everything in that world as well. I love to shoot some kinky stuff.”


Born in southern England, the 27-year-old grew up all over Europe and moved to London at 18. She found work at one of the oldest, most established dungeons in London after doing a Google search and making an impression in two job interviews.

“I had a couple of BDSM relationships, so I got to practice a lot of things,” Victoria says. “I take that over vanilla sex because it excites you more.”

She built a solid list of clients at the dungeon, many of whom were sadists.

“And people wanting role play, a lot of impact play and psychological games, water sports,” she says. “Diaper play, too.”

While moonlighting at the dungeon, the well-rounded pro also worked at a record store for about a year.

“It was like a dream, everything I love at once,” Victoria says.

When she moved to L.A., Sunshine also found work as a dog walker and as a vet technician, assisting with pet surgeries.

“It was very grueling and it helped me realize I need a job with more autonomy,” she says.

In addition, Victoria sometimes does styling for house music artists and actors as well as high-fashion ad campaigns.

“It’s really fun,” Victoria says. “And mixing fashion into porn I’m quite keen to do, like pushing the envelope of perceptions of fashion into porn.”


She says her own musical range entails “a little bit of everything”—including pop rock, alternative and dance music.

One of her songs is called “Fuck Myself,” which she calls “a masturbation anthem.”

“It’s all about encouraging self love,” she says.

“Music and sex are two of the most important things in my life,” Victoria adds. “I like to make sure my days are spent doing things that I love. Hopefully the two can support each other as well.”

She uses her same stage name in music, calling it a “one-stop shop.’

“I’m kind of trying to rebuild my artist profile solo now,” Victoria says, adding she’s been in three different bands. “Now I’m a solo diva and the porn aspect really helps.”

She is thinking about doing naked acoustic videos and “mixing it up.”

“On stage I’m really extravagant,” says Sunshine, who can play keyboard and a little bit of guitar in addition to her vocal talents. “I definitely like to get up in people’s faces.”

Victoria also is known for her fascinating body art.

“I do love my tattoos,” says Sunshine, a vegan for the past 14 years who can speak German, French and Spanish. “Some of them are matching tattoos with friends, some of them are ones I’ve done myself—stick and poke—which I really enjoy.”

She has a Jean-Michel Basquiat tattoo, a William Blake tattoo and "a green carnation homosexuality rat” tattoo on her side. Victoria also has a memorial to her cat that is “probably my favorite tattoo, on my forearm.”

“I love having her in tattoo form,” Victoria says.

When she considers her future in adult, she tells AVN, “I honestly just want to take it as far as I can and ride it out as far as I can.”

“That’s my attitude with anything I do,” Victoria adds. “I want to shoot with as many people as possible and experience as much as possible.”