Welcome to the most pleasurable 31 days of your life. If you are up for the challenge, we have curated an incredible series of spectacularly sexual tasks for you to try over the course of the next month.

Each challenge is a taster from our ever-growing library of sex courses! And we thought, what better way to introduce (and seduce) you to the variety of what we teach – and get a sensual flavor of the benefits.

We created this for you to prioritise your pleasure each day. Just see if you notice a difference by the end of it.

There are so many benefits to incorporating sex into your daily routine, including:

  • Improved mood
  • Reduced stress hormones
  • Enhanced intimacy
  • A stronger immune system
  • Self-love
  • Sexual confidence
  • And it just feels so damn amazing!

Some tasks can be enjoyed alone, and some with your partner – and it’s totally up to you how you incorporate them into your regime. We’d recommend that you factor in about 15 mins of your day to each challenge. Oh, and save enough downtime to revel in the afterglow.

Instead of focusing on orgasms, make pleasure your aim. And remember, it’s okay if you skip a few days – just take joy in looking forward to having fun. Let us know how you get on via our social media channels #31DaysOfPleasure @Beducated_com.

1. Breast Massage

Tap into your sensual side with a Breast Massage Ritual. Whether you are massaging your own breasts, or your partner’s, this healing and detoxifying practice can increase breast size and firmness. It can also help to prevent cancer and enhance your overall pleasure. Follow how to make this the most sensual experience with this step-by-step guide.

2. Sex Position: Afternoon Delight

This position is great for a lazy afternoon, as not much energy is needed, but it is wonderfully tantalizing! Taken straight from our Kamasutra Sex Guide, the penetrating partner lies on their side, propped up on a pillow, the penetrated partner lies on their back, legs swung over their partners hips.

Afternoon Delight

3. Lingam Massage: Shiatsu

Just like you would spoil your partner with a back massage, this relaxing penis massage technique will leave them feeling blissfully aroused. Starting from the root of the shaft, press the penis with thumbs and index fingers. Stay for a moment then release – moving up a finger width and repeat.

Lingam Shiatsu

4. Temperature Play: Ice Cubes

As the weather heats up (depending on where you are in the world), send chills down your partner’s spine with this Kinky Sex tip. Hold an ice cube in your mouth to torture and tease their skin, choosing which erogenous zones you want to arouse.

5. Learn About Different Relationship Styles

Monogamy isn’t for everyone, but neither is Polyamory. But did you know there are more types that could describe your relationship style. Learn about the advantages, disadvantages and different styles in our Poly Relationships 101. Discuss with your partner what you think describes you best – and maybe what your ideal style would be.

6. Lingam Gazing

Though this practice is found in our Lingam Massage course, this is not about massaging or touching the penis at all. Using your eyes, body language and words to worship your partner’s (or your own) penis. Gaze lovingly at the lingam to build a sense of connection and eroticism.

Can you resist the temptation to touch?

7. Pelvic Floor Toning Workout

With or without a yoni egg, target your pelvic floor and mindfully tense and release your muscles to create strength and increase your pleasure potential. Whether you have a penis or vagina, anyone can enjoy these Yoni Workout Positions, or for a more interactive experience, follow-along with our Yoni Egg Video Course.

8. Yoni Massage: Mapping the Yoni

Before entering the vagina, make sure it is all lubed up, aroused and engorged (tips: gently stimulate the clitoris and nipples to turn yourself or your partner on).

While inside the vagina, press on the wall at 12 o’clock, let go and move to 1 O’clock, and so on. At each “time”, notice (and communicate) if there is pleasure, numbness, pain or tension and breathe through it. Release and moan to reap the healing and arousing benefits of this Yoni Massage technique.

Yoni Mapping

9. Blowjob Technique: Acupressure Tongue

When going down on your partner, this Blowjob technique will undoubtedly have them drooling for more. Squeeze the shaft while working your tongue over the head of the penis. Experiment with pressure, movement, and the shape of your tongue. Get creative, but also communicate and listen to what they want.

BJ Technique Accupressure Tongue

10. Write and Share Desires

Now’s the chance to explore your kinkier sides. Alone, or with a partner, set some time to recall and write down your favorite fantasies. You can choose to share them by reading them out. Before you do, create an open-minded atmosphere that is free from judgement. And remember, they’re just desires – you don’t have to act them out unless you both enthusiastically want to.

11. Vibrate the Perineum

Locate the space between the genitals and the anus, gently vibrate your fingers, fist, or use a vibrating toy, to vibrate and stimulate the perineum. This Lingam Massage technique is great for indirectly activating the prostate – offering up the chance for a deeper and full-bodied climax.

Vibrate the Perineum

12. Sensory Deprivation: Blindfold

The beauty of wearing a blindfold is that it allows you to focus your attention inward, creating an almost meditative experience. By cutting off the sense of sight, all other senses are heightened. Head to our Kinky Sex course for more inspiration for playing with sensation.

13. Yoni Gazing

Use this day to worship your partner’s vulva. Or, grab a mirror and use this time to worship yourself! Again, this practice is not about massaging or touching the yoni. Just gaze lovingly at the yoni to build a sense of connection and eroticism. Notice what you feel during this experience. It can be a very vulnerable experience, so go gently.

14. Strip Tease

Layer your body up with gloves, socks, lingerie, a naughty outfit (you know the one). Set the scene with some sensual music (or whatever mood you feel like stripping to). Lock eyes with your partner, confidently and erotically. Slowly peel off each item, piece by piece.

You can also do this practice solo – in front of your mirror – and put on a sensual show for yourself!

15. Spanking Session

Before you start, make sure you set a timer (this could be anywhere from 3 minutes to 20 minutes), boundaries and safe words (eg. PEACH). Explore various positions and rhythms – making sure you stimulate the “Sweet Spot” just at the crease of the bum and the thigh for the height of endorphins.

If you’re very new to spanking, you might also want to check out our bitesize erotic spanking for beginners tutorial.

16. Cunnilingus Technique: The Swirl

This simple, yet effective swirling Cunnilingus technique will have your partner dizzy with pleasure. Create a vacuum over the clit with your mouth, and rotate your tongue around the clitoris in delicious circles.

CUN Technique Clit Swirl

17. Add a Butt Plug

It’s time to give your anus some love. Whether you are just enjoying some kissing, oral sex or penetration, incorporating a butt plug to explore Anal Play will add a whole deeper layer of pleasure to your sexual experience.

18. Nipple Love

Find some DIY sex toys around your house to show your nipples the love they deserve. Sensory suggestions: feathers, a brush, silky fabric, suction toys or nipple clamps. Get imaginative, and you may even discover your potential for the illusive Nipple Orgasm.

19. Sex Position: The Burning Man

This position is great for sex around the house. Try it outside of the bedroom in different rooms, and explore new surfaces. For example, you can position your partner over a desk, table, kitchen counters or your bed and penetrate them from behind with a penis, dildo or strap on!

Burning Man

20. Yoni Massage: Squeeze The Outer Lips & Clitoral Shaft

For this easy peasy, yoni squeezy massage technique, all you need to do is firmly squeeze both outer lips and clitoris from top to bottom. You can also squeeze the shaft of the clitoris for indirect clitoral stimulation building up blood flow and sensation in the area! This one feels amazing – trust us.

Squeeze Outer Lips
External Clitoral Shaft

21. Plan a Kinky Date Night

This Kinky Sex challenge is about giving you space to discuss what you will do for your first actual kinky date. Preparation is so important, and we have to start somewhere by setting dates, times, intentions, boundaries and safe words.

You’ll also want share what erotic energy you want to play with. This will ensure you and your partner are on the same page, and both get what you want out of the experience. Planning is just half of the fun, and once you actually get to the date… you’ll know exactly what to do.

22. Temperature Play: Hot Wax

Dive into the Sensation Matrix using soy candles explicitly made for BDSM. Have your partner lie down and drip hot wax over their skin. Revel in the pleasurable pain – and don’t forget your safe word (PEACH).

23. Sensory Stimulation: Sensual Eating Ritual

You can do this one by yourself, or by sensually feeding your partner.

Take your pick from one of these Aphrodisiac Foods, but before you eat it, notice its colors and think about where it came from. Smell the food, taking in it’s aromas. Place it slowly in your mouth, feeling the textures and tasting each flavor as if the food were seducing you. Breathing deeply as you chew, savoring each bite.

24. Yoni Massage: Cervical Play

This Yoni Massage technique requires a lot of trust and relaxation. So really take your time to locate the cervix at the end of the vaginal canal. It is actually doughnut in shape (a ring with a hole in the middle), but it typically feels like the tip of your nose. You can lightly stroke it, tap it or make circular motions. Gently teasing it into bliss.

Second section illustrations Cervical Play

25. Sensory Stimulation: Add a Vibrator During Sex

Vibrators are a great addition to sexual partnered play. Find one what suits your needs, and incorporate it during sex over your nipples, clitoris, and perineum. Just about everyone can benefit from a little extra tantalizing stimulation.

26. Plan Erotic Roleplay Session

Plan your roles, create a story, find your props and costumes. Who will dominate, who will submit? Some ideas could include teacher/student, boss/secretary, law enforcer/criminal. Explore our Kinky Sex Mastery course for plenty more inspiration.

Create a dynamic that you feel comfortable trying, but also let go and explore sides you never knew you had!

27. Blowjob Technique: Deep Throating

This may seem like a daunting task, but with a little help from your friends (that’s us!) it can be oh-so-pleasurable. This Blowjob technique involves slowly sliding the penis to the back of your throat, until you reach your gag reflex. Stop here and breathe through your nose while relaxing your throat. Let it slide down your throat – only as far as you feel comfortable. This can also be practiced with a banana.

BJ Technique Deepthroat

28. Sex Positions: The Mastery

This customizable sex position can be enjoyed pretty discreetly (even outdoors if you dare to). The penetrator sits on a sofa, bed, or chair, while the rider straddles them. Kneeling and lowering themself down onto the penis, dildo or strap on.


29. Cunnilignus Technique: The Blow

This is a great technique if you want to try edging your partner. Instead of directly touching the clitoris or vulva, with this Cunnilingus technique try blowing on the area to create a cooling sensation.

CUN Technique Blow

30. Prostate Massage: Stroke the Prostate Internally

Using your fingers or a specially designed toy locate the walnut sized prostate a couple of inches inside the rectum. Stroke it gently, and find more Prostate Massaging tips in our course to explore the full-bodied orgasmic potential of the P-spot.

Touching the prostate

31. G-Spot Squirting Technique

Only once the vagina is ready (engorged and lubricated) Put pressure just above the pubic bone while your middle and ring fingers are inside the vagina for this Squirting technique. Sitting next to the receiver, move up and down from your shoulder pressing on the G-Spot with your fingers.

The receiver will feel the urge to pee, so gently allow for this sensation to release. And if it doesn’t happen, just remember, there is no pressure!

hand illustration

So are you ready to get started? If you feel like taking on the challenge, you can also keep us in the loop with how you are getting on 

Good luck & have fun!